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    The Tricks Every Parent Should Know About Raising Money Smart Kids To Secure Their Financial Future And Avoid Raising An Entitled Child

    "It's the first kids financial literacy course that really made sense to me."

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    Dear Parent,

    Thinking of throwing in the towel when it comes to raising a money smart child?

    Frustrated that despite your best efforts you're still not sure how to get your child to understand and value their money?

    Looking at your progress and feeling like your trying to teach your child a foreign language or you never learned about money and feel inadequate to teach it?

    However you can put all of that aside starting today...

    ...because you are reading the exact words my most successful parents read right before their life changed forever...

    ...and they managed to teach their child to value their money and ensure their child's financial independence...

    ...by simply leveraging the power of one children's financial education breakthrough...

    ...allowing you to raise a money smart kid like you never thought possible before.

    This method is responsible for transforming kids whose parents believed they were a lost cause...

    Into some of the most rousing success stories I've ever seen.

    And look, I know...

    You might feel a little skeptical about something that has such bold claims.

    Just let me ask you this:

    If I show you undeniable proof this approach will all but guarantee your success...

    Would you be interested in discovering all about it?

    Keep reading and you'll see exactly how they're pulling it off, and how you can too.

    Not only that but I'll also shine a bright light on why some of the most common approaches to financial education for children...

    ...fail so miserably in delivering you the results you desire.

    It's a reason very few "experts" talk about... yet it's one that every serious parent must get in order to succeed.

    And let me tell you something:

    The Deck Is Stacked Against You

    I'm the furthest thing from a pessimist, but the numbers don't lie.

    I don't know if you're aware of this however...

    ...78% of adults live paycheck to paycheck...

    ...not to mention 47% say they often miss opportunities to talk to their kids about money.

    Plus when you take into account that 97% of parents say they usually give their kids money when they ask for it...

    You really start to grasp how dire the situation really is.

    Those numbers do not bode well for you...and you absolutely need an edge. A way of approaching things that helps you avoid becoming just another number inside a nightmare statistic...

    Who Am I And Why Should You Believe Me

    In case you don't know me already, my name is Amanda van der Gulik.

    I've had a passion for empowering kids and teens with money smarts and entrepreneurship since I was a teen myself and I've helped parents create passive income from their passions too. I've been a guest speaker for Seneca College, on Radio Disney, on talk shows and numerous parenting podcasts & summits around the globe and featured in many newspapers and magazines, like Homeschool & the Costco Connections magazine.

    Now I wasn't always so successful.

    In fact I struggled for years with financial failures myself and I wanted to make sure I learned how to master my own money so when I became a parent I would know how to raise my own money smart kids who wouldn't have to struggle with money like I had...

    I used every possible trick and hack out there...

    ....and despite my best efforts they never really helped me master my money so I wouldn't have to keep on working hard for money, constantly wearing myself out and having more month at the end of my money.

    What you're about to read is raw and unfiltered, and it isn't all wine and roses. It is safe for work, but it's uncensored in the honesty department. I don't believe in sugarcoating the truth, but I do believe the lessons I learned along the way will save you months, even years of frustration.

    Growing up, my parents built all kinds of side hustles, hoping to make more money. But other than investing in rental real estate, none of them ever worked. And the rentals just meant midnight toilet fixes. Modeling my parents I had 5 jobs and 3 side hustles as a teen. I worked hard and saved my money but I could still never get ahead.

    Then one day I read, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. He taught me how to work one time and get paid over and over again. Passive Income: Like Actors, Singers & Writers do. Plus how to invest in houses without ever fixing a single toilet. I was hooked. It worked. I taught my kids everything I learned so they would grow up money smart. I created a really fun way to teach them, that was fast and easy.

    Fellow parents asked me to share my secret. So I created my first financial literacy for kids course. I became known as the "Kiyosaki for Kids", featured on places like Radio Disney..

    Back then I never believed I could have the life I have today...

    To feel this happy and fulfilled in so many ways...

    And it really turned around for me once I discovered and started using what I'm sharing today...

    You Know This Is What You Truly Desire

    First, let's get clear on your #1 goal:

    You want to raise a money smart kid.

    Now, you may also want to teach your child to really value their money...

    ...and perhaps even ensure your child's financial independence as well.

    Plus if you're as determined and savvy as I believe you are...

    You'll also want ALL of this:

    • easier and faster...

    • while you and your child actually enjoy the process...

    • while building a deeper bond with your child...

    • without ever leaving your home...

    • and while you inspire your friends and family...

    However, The Stakes Are Higher Than You Think

    The tip you'll discover today will make a stunning impact on your child's financial literacy success.

    All you have to do to achieve this is simply take action.

    Just be advised that doing nothing has some dire consequences.

    And I'm not talking about you spinning your wheels in place...

    ...your child may end up bankrupt, divorced and having to come crawling back home to you to take care of them financially. Feeling like a total financial failure maybe even contemplating suicide as their only way out.

    It's the absolute worst case scenario, I know...

    ...however I've seen it happen to too many families that it gives me nightmares.

    I think we both can agree that this is not something you want to experience yourself, right?

    My Rock Bottom Leads to Your Success

    Here's where we left off:

    I remember the day when everything changed for me.

    My world turned completely up-side-down: I ended up in a 3 week coma from double lung pneumonia, developed ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) and was given a 20% chance of survival. I woke up in a hospital bed completely dependent and lost. I had to relearn how to breathe, drink, eat, move, talk, walk, everything. I was now a permanently disabled lung person who could no longer work..

    Thanks to this journey, I discovered , after months of rehab, when I finally was strong enough to open my laptop, and even though I could no longer work, I had still been earning passive income. I was on a deeper mission now. I had to share my secret with you: So you and your child will always have money coming in too. No matter what life throws at you..

    If I could do this, then you can easily do the same.

    Now let me ask you something:

    Imagine Your Life Without Struggles

    Would you enjoy raising a money smart kid who values their money, watching their bank accounts grow and grow with less stress and struggle, or even be an amazing role model by creating your own passive income for your own financial freedom?

    You may believe these are just distant dreams...

    However many of the parents who use what you're discovering here today...

    Are making these dreams real every day.

    In fact if you take action and do what is written on this page...

    You'll even create a special bond with your child like no other as you learn together and nurture a money savvy child who will be financially confident and successful no matter what life throws at them.

    Thousands of families have achieved this...

    And by their own words, they owe much of their success to the new approach I'll cover today.

    First, make sure you...

    RUN From These 3 Common Lies And Myths

    A quick search on Google for tips on how to teach your child financial literacy...

    ...and you'll be bombarded by outdated tactics...

    ...and information that is 100% wrong.

    One such piece of garbage information is you have to give your child an allowance to teach them how to manage their money successfully.

    This is something I call Mistaken Allowance Theory...

    ...and I'm guilty of believing this as well a long time ago.

    In reality it's more important how your child manages their money than how they earn it.

    You can take that to the bank.

    And once you discard that mistaken belief, you may find that the popular myth of saving money also falls by the wayside.

    Many folks I know bought into this one But believe it or not how to spend their money is just as important, if not even more important for your child to learn.

    No. 3 on our list of kids financial literacy lies is what I call "You Didn't Learn About Money So You Can't Raise A Money Smart Child Argument".

    You Didn't Learn About Money So You Can't Raise A Money Smart Child Argument is when you think you can't teach your child about money because you were never taught how to handle your own money...

    Yet in reality you can just be honest with your child and let them know that you were never taught about money and that you're excited to learn together. Your child will feel so special, like you are trusting them with a secret and that you are open to learning too ... maybe even learn from your child. Doing this you build a deep bond that most parents will never get to enjoy but you will.

    And the sole reason so many people buy into these lies and myths...

    Is because our parents, our schools and so-called 'gurus' who never struggled themselves (how can they relate to you?) are keeping promoting them as viable solutions.

    Now, despite all of that nonsense...

    There is one unmistakable reality when it comes to financial literacy for kids...

    And that is...

    The Reason You've Never Succeeded Until Now

    Have you ever wondered why despite your best efforts...

    ...it seems like your goals were always out of reach?

    This is why:

    Our Society & Upbringing.

    We've been indoctrinated to believe that talking about money is bad; that being financially successful would make other people hate us; that money is Evil.

    Imagine it like this: Our Society & Upbringing are like The 4 Food Groups. We were taught to never question them. We were never told that Kellogg invented them to sell more of his cereal; causing unnecessary diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancers, and more. Just like The 4 Food Groups, when we believe money is evil but don't question why, we end up with entitlement, debt, stress and other money diseases.

    Our Society & Upbringing Can Mess You Up Pretty Good

    If you believe thinking money is evil is a serious problem to have...

    Wait and see what Society & Upbringing Money Blocks can cause...

    Left unchecked you could be facing raising money ignorant children...

    ......and this is a far more serious concern than most people realize, as your child will continue the negative cycle of thinking they always have to work hard, that money is evil, that rich people are bad...

    ...or even end-up dealing with unconsciously staying poor, stressed and in debt just to make sure they never become a bad rich person rejected by the people they love...

    ......and that's something you need to be aware of because this money block will be passed down to your grandchildren, and their grandchildren, leaving a legacy of financial stress and debt.

    Things may look bleak when you realize that...

    ...yet there is a silver lining...

    ...one that I'm sharing in this letter...

    ...so keep reading...

    The Early Warning Signs Of

    Society & Upbringing Money Blocks

    Now you might be wondering...

    "Ok Amanda how do I know if Society & Upbringing Money Blocks is responsible for all my kids financial literacy struggles?"

    The first step is to pay attention to when your child asks you to buy them something and you say "we can't afford that". When this occurs, Society & Upbringing Money Blocks is not far behind.

    However I did manage to find a workaround...

    ...all you have to do is simply change your words and put the responsibility on your child. Say something like, "Yes, that's a really nice thing that you want, what ways can you think of to make your own money so you can buy it yourself?" This will make them feel empowered and part of the solution.

    Here's another Society & Upbringing Money Blocks trigger: when your child sees you stressing about paying your monthly bills.

    Might seem a little trickier to deal with this one...

    However that's not really the case.

    In fact, the only thing you need to do is change how you talk about your bills. Instead of saying, "Agh, I hate paying my bills." Say, "honey we are so blessed that we get to buy food, we are so blessed to have a roof over our heads, I'm so happy to pay my bills so I can provide all these things for you" It doesn't make the bills go away, but it does start to change those old money blocks.

    Now, no matter how helpful these tips are, they do not provide an end-all solution. Regardless, I need to share the backstory so you can better understand the impact and power this can have for you.

    This breakthrough completely changed the game...

    It makes raising a money smart kid a walk in the park...

    And Society & Upbringing Money Blocks a thing of the past.

    A Tip I Picked Up Along The Journey

    That Changed My Life Forever

    There's a saying:

    "If you want to be successful do what successful people do"

    And this is what I did.

    I looked at some of the most successful parents and...

    I managed to identify certain patterns.

    I decided to become a "pattern spy".

    I was interested in seeing whether the highly successful shared certain traits.

    Having a common traits would help me exclude factors such as luck, experience, and innate abilities.

    One of the people that inspired me was Robert Kiyosaki.

    Robert and his best friend, grew up in low income homes but went to school with rich kids. He noticed that, even though society and his upbringing said rich people were bad, the kids he went to school with were actually really nice and kind. So he asked his dad to teach him about money but his dad didn't feel he knew enough himself to teach him..

    He told Robert to go ask his best friend's dad. He said his best friend's dad was going to be very rich. Instead of not teaching his son, he found someone else who could. Just a few short years later, Robert was rich and famous and helping millions of people all over the world.

    This Success Can Be Replicated... Here's How

    You hear stories like that of Robert and you may be tempted to think to yourself, "Yeah, but folks like that usually don't have to struggle with real life problems."

    Is that true? Not at all.

    In reality, even after Robert learned about money, he still made financial mistakes. He even ended up living out of his car for a few months. But because he had a solid financial literacy foundation he was able to recover and just a few month's later he was finally rich.

    Look, I used to belief in the same stuff...

    Heck I even believed that in order to see real results I'd have to be successful with my own money before I could teach my kids to be successful with money.

    So imagine my surprised when I discovered that you learn best when you teach and that learning about money together, not only makes the learning more fun, but builds an incredible bond with your child like no other.

    Here's another one:

    Successful families seem to naturally know how to teach their kids about money.

    This might sound like something true, but it's just a myth...

    ... and it's holding you back from a proven solution:

    A Long And Frustrating Journey Filled With Errors

    Led Me To Discover What Actually Works

    Why are these folks succeeding when others are not? I made it a mission to look at 5 of the most successful parents I knew who had raised really money smart kids success stories. True winners...and believe it or not, this was a trait they all shared in common:

    ==> They all used an ancient way of passing along the most critical life lessons.

    The most successful families did this consistently, like clockwork. Robert Kiyosaki even did this to teach adults how to be money smart.

    At first this slipped by me. To be honest, I used to think I was a pretty savvy teacher until I started role-modeling other folks who had this down.

    My entire outlook on financial literacy for kids changed once I had found it. After about 3 months I had achieved all the success I had once struggled to find.

    This experience left me with this 1 powerful truth:

    If You Truly Wish To Succeed

    You Must Leverage What's Called

    "Financial Literacy Adventuring"

    After sharing Financial Literacy Adventuring with a few customers and colleagues...

    ...they were all blown away by how incredible it is...

    ...all of them managed to raise money smart kids in record time.

    So, what is it?

    Financial Literacy Adventuring is a highly effective and down-right fun way to use the ancient power of story-telling to instill the most crucial financial lessons for kids in a way that excites your child to not just want to learn about money, and value money but to become a true master of money for the rest of their life ... and all at lightning speed.

    Look at it this way:

    I want you to imagine Financial Literacy Adventuring as if you were feeding your child broccoli, spinach or brussel sprouts however, instead of your child running out of the room the minute they see the heaping green pile on their plate, they run up to you begging you to please give them even more.

    A Few Quick Tips For Starting With

    Financial Literacy Adventuring

    Here are some of the best tips I give my most successful members to leverage Financial Literacy Adventuring...

    Here's my first tip: Make sure the stories you use have characters that both fail and succeed with their money so your child will feel devastated for their favorite character when they lose and will jump with glee when they win. These emotions are what will implant the money lessons deep into their subconscious mind.

    Here's another tip my members find helpful:

    Make sure the stories contain real-world activities that your child can interact with and model to create a physical memory and natural habit for continued abundance, wealth and success.

    There's also another way of approaching financial literacy for children that can maybe work, but it's not one that works as consistently as Financial Literacy Adventuring:

    Giving your child an allowance and hoping they'll naturally learn how to value and grow their money.

    You can gamble and try that...

    Yet, chances are high you'll not get the same results as with Financial Literacy Adventuring.

    What Are Your Next Steps?

    Now as great as these tips are...

    They need something extra to really make a big impact...

    And help you raise a money smart kid and ensure their child's financial independence...

    One more crucial step is necessary.

    Let me share how I came up with what many a parent calls "the definite system" for maximizing Financial Literacy Adventuring.

    Here's how it all came to be:

    Success leaves clues. That's why I've spent over 30 years taking my own financial lessons and those of my mentors (all of their successes and failures) and figured out what went right and what went wrong and then puzzled those financial lessons together with the ancient art of story-telling so I could embed those critical money lessons into our children in just 12 steps in a hands-on, fun, an personally interactive way.

    This led to the creation of a very powerful online home study course for families that empowers you to raise a money smart kid from the comfort of your own home, without needing to be your child's personal teacher.

    And you do it without needing to already know anything about money yourself!

    It's probably the main reason why everyone that tried this found it to be groundbreaking...enriching and even legendary.

    Introducing Teaching Children About Money 2.0

    Teaching Children About Money 2.0 is your online course delivered to you within seconds inside your Clever Dough Kids Academy Members Area that virtually fast tracks you to applying Financial Literacy Adventuring in a way that's enjoyable as it is effective.

    Here's a glimpse of what you can achieve with Teaching Children About Money 2.0:

    • You can quickly raise a money smart kid ...all without first having to spend hours learning how money works and then how to teach those skills to your child...

    • You can easily find ways your child can earn money with or without giving an allowance...

    • You can effortlessly empower your child with an abundance mindset without worrying about raising an entitled child...

    • AND MORE!

    "Can I Benefit From Teaching Children About Money 2.0?"

    Now you might be asking yourself...

    "Is Teaching Children About Money 2.0 going to work for me and my child?"

    Well, let me set you at ease:

    During the years I spent looking for the TRUTH...

    ...years studying the most successful entrepreneur and prosperous family case studies I could find...

    ...years spent honing, testing, re-testing, and perfecting Teaching Children About Money 2.0 to make sure it was as flexible as it is powerful...

    ...I hit pay dirt.

    Thanks to all this hard work...

    ...you are now able to get the "odds defying" kids financial literacy course...

    ...that helped countless families achieve success when it seemed impossible.

    Teaching Children About Money 2.0 can help you where everything else failed you.

    And it works so consistently for other parents like you, it's considered by many to be "Success Insurance" when it comes to raising a money smart kid.

    In a moment, you'll meet just a few of these success stories... just know this for now:

    Teaching Children About Money 2.0 really is an online home study course for financial literacy for children that can work for literally anyone...

    ...even if your a busy parent...

    ...or even if you don't know anything about creating wealth ...

    ...and get this:

    Even if you have a difficult child, or one who learns differently, or a child who doesn't like to listen to you, Teaching Children About Money 2.0 can still deliver results that can help you nurture a money savvy child who will be financially confident and successful no matter what life throws at them while building a special bond with your child like no other – all at the same time.

    Measurable Results You Can Count On

    So, what can you expect in the way of results... and how fast can you expect to see them?

    In as little as 1 day, you'll be amazed to see that your child is actually excited to learn about money...

    Then the real magic happens: over the next 2 weeks as you continue to surprise yourself, noticing changes like your child coming up with some really cool ways to make their own money (staying out of your wallet), understanding how to use key financial techniques like leverage and passive income...

    ...and it just keeps getting better:

    In as little as 3 months...that's all...as everything takes hold, and you begin to notice your child actually starts building their own nest egg while encouraging you to build yours too, simultaneously growing that even deeper bond.

    That is the financial literacy for kids success you absolutely deserve and will finally:

    ==> Get your child to value money with just one story (Minute 1:52 in Module 4)!

    ==> Empower your child to relinquish old money and abundance blocks using your child's subconscious mind (Minute: 2:43 in Module 10)!

    ==> Deliver you a way to get your child radically excited to not just learn about money but want to make their own money (Minute 4:11 : Module 3)!

    ==> Powerfully guide you to avoid your child from bankrupting you with one simple warning (Minute 11:23 in Module 7)!

    ==> Quickly decode the best way for you and your child to master the art of creating passive income (Minute 2:45 Modules 9)!

    ==> AND MORE!

    And please, don't just take my word for it...

    The Reviews Are In, And The

    Results Speak For Themselves

    Here are just a few of the near-countless testimonials I could share with you regarding Teaching Children About Money 2.0, and the consistent results it delivers for children of all ages and experience levels...

    "Amanda, I just want to say THANKS for such an awesome resource. I have been searching for a comprehensive course in this subject area quite some time. I firmly believe money lessons for children is mandatory for building a solid foundation. We live in a society where consumer debt is at an all time high - not the type of legacy I want to be leaving for my children or their children! Your course is LOADED with strategies, tips, and resources to stop debt before it even starts in our children's' lives. Not to mention lessons in sound financial planning that they will take with them for the rest of their lives!" - Andrea M. Ontario, Canada

    "Thank you for this wonderful course. There is only one word to describe this course,"MINDBLOWING". The ideas are truly awsome. I have 3 sons ages 25, 24 and 9. I made many mistakes with my two older boys and refuse to make the same mistakes with my 9 year old. My older children still think of Mommy as their walking ATM. With Teaching Children About Money 2.0, I know that I am going to do it right this time. This is the course all parents have been waiting for. Thank you so very much." - Cindy Govender, Johannesburg, South Africa

    “I started Kuby on your ‘TCAM 2.0’ course when he was 7 years old, Kuby drew a picture on each of the banks to represent his goals for each jar. To make money he started by finding empty beer bottles on our walks, so he would collect the return money. Then he talked to his grandma about a ‘business proposal’ taking out the garbage for her. Every time he got some money, he would divide it equally into each of his ‘6 Magical Piggy Banks’. Then he started his own recycling business, collecting old travel brochures for travel agents and taking it to the recycling place. He made the business deal all on his own. (I was told to wait outside Mama.) Kuby’s first goal was to save up for Lego. He was so excited the day he bought his first new Lego set. He took it to a tree and sat down to open it, then he told me, ‘Mama, I’m going to show my kids this tree one day and tell them I open my first Lego here that I bought with my own money.’ He already earned over $3,000 by the time we were only halfway through your course! Thank-you Amanda. Every parent needs this!“ - Jana B. Europe

    And the list goes on and on...

    Backed By An Industry-Leading"

    Results-Or-Else" Guarantee

    Look, the truth is simple:

    I refuse to take a penny from you unless I can really help you raise a money smart kid. It's only fair to you that Teaching Children About Money 2.0 not only meets the promises I've made...

    ...I insist that it exceeds your every expectation

    That's why Teaching Children About Money 2.0 ensures your child's success with a 'Success Or Else!' 30-day guarantee so put it to the test and rest easy knowing that your satisfaction is my top priority.

    Just email me anytime for a prompt refund if you don’t see your child valuing their money, staying out of your wallet and excited to grow their money in the first 30 days!

    It really doesn't get more fair than that...except for this:

    I Want To Give You Some Extra Bonuses

    Just For Taking Action Today

    When you see the discounted price I'm offering you today for Teaching Children About Money 2.0, you may think it's a typo.

    Yet that wasn't enough. I still wasn't satisfied. I knew I could do even better.

    I wanted to go way beyond the extra mile and give you some extra value-added bonuses just for taking action before this offer expires when the countdown timer hits 00:00:00.

    First, I'd like you to have Money Mastery Made Fun For Teens. This has a retail value of $397, but it's yours FREE by taking action now.

    If you have a teen, I've got you covered with this interactive Teen Workshop where your teen will create a Plan of Attack for their own Financial Success in an environment geared specifically toward teens (and your younger child will want to use this once they reach those teenage years as well!).

    Next, you'll receive complimentary access to my Clever Dough Kids Academy Private Facebook Group, a super-handy kids financial literacy community that is valued at $297, yours FREE today!

    I want to not only help you raise a money smart kid, I also want to give you the best support possible so I've created this special private community, just for TCAM 2.0 parents who are also raising money smart kids to share your child's wins and successes... You'll be blown away by all the unique ways for kids to make money that these incredible kids come up with (like Kuby's Travel Brochure Recycling Business).

    Finally, I insist on giving you my $997 SUPER-BONUS, absolutely FREE today. It's called Build An Online Business For Free, and wait until you check this out!

    Brand-new course, soon to be released, that will help you create your own online business in just 5 steps. This is how your child can make money online, including all the website software you'll ever need... all for FREE (YES! You can use this for yourself too!).

    Just these bonuses ALONE have an insane retail value. Yet you'll never pay a penny for them, if you decide to act today before I decide to remove them from Teaching Children About Money 2.0...

    An Absolute STEAL For

    Just $1997 

    Believe me:

    If I decide to sell Teaching Children About Money 2.0 for what it's truly worth–$1997–you'd walk away with an absolutely stellar bargain.

    Factor in the bonuses, and you'd be looking at $3688...and you know what?

    When you consider the time-saving benefits, plus the fact that there is not another system like it on the planet, even that price is like giving you a GIFT.

    Still, I decided to do you one better today. Much better.

    By clicking the order button below right now, you'll receive Teaching Children About Money 2.0, complete with all those juicy bonuses, for the unheard of price of just 1 payment of only $997.

    That's a savings to you of $2,691 slashed right off the retail price!

    A Special Time In History

    We truly live in remarkable times.

    The secrets and tactics found within Teaching Children About Money 2.0 may have its roots in ancient successful parent role models from generations ago, it was only recently that these strategies were made available to the world.

    And to be frank, it took a LOT of hard work, trial and error, and painful lessons learned...

    ...heavy lifting you no longer need to do for yourself.

    Here's why:

    I've Done All The Hard Work For You

    What you need to do is ACT. That's the one thing I cannot do for you.

    I wish I could, but only you have that right.

    And it is a right. Your right to choose

    Your right to look your loved ones in the eye tonight and say, "I did something truly great today."

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    Of reinventing the wheel.

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    Think about it:

    How Much Is TIME Worth To You?

    If I could save you EVEN A DAY of time in your pursuit to raise a money smart kid, wouldn't that day be worth a mere 1 payment of only $997 to you?

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    The Importance Of Living Without Regrets

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    You may live to regret that. And I truly desire so much more for you and your child than that.

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    Today marks your turning point, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.Yours in raising money smart kids success,

    Amanda van der Gulik

    P.S. Just in case you have a few more questions about Teaching Children About Money 2.0, I've compiled a list of the most commonly-asked questions below...

    Can I use this course if I've never been taught about money before?

    Absolutely. I created it for both parents who already have solid financial literacy skills and those who are just starting out.

    Will this work for me if I have a difficult child?

    Yes, in fact one of my parents, Kris, told me how shocked she was at how excited her son got to save up for his first goal since he was a difficult child who normally would never be interested in learning or even listening to mum

    How fast will I see results?

    Most parents see results in the first 7-10 days, although you may start to notice your child's financial literacy start to increase within 48 hoursI have a teenager, will this still work for them?Beyond a doubt! The lessons and stories are for all agesHow much time will it take to do the course?

    That's totally up to you! I've created the course in such a way so that you can work at your and your child's own pace no matter your family schedule

    Can I use this course for all of my kids?

    Sure thing, of course! Definitely share this with your entire family. It's a great way to build an extra strong family bond and learning together can make the lessons resonate at an even deeper level

    How will I access the course?

    As soon as you invest in your child's financial future you will receive an email just a few short minutes later with all of your login details. The course is 100% online, so you won't have to wait for any 'snail mail' to arrive

    Is there a payment plan?

    Yes for sure! On the check out page you'll see a 3-payment plan to help your budget

    What if it doesn't work for my child?

    No worries at all. You have 30 days to go through the entire course and if you don't like it for any reason... even if you simply don't like the sound of my voice... no hard feelings, simply email me and let me know and I will send your 100% refund, no questions asked

    P.P.S. Remember:

    By clicking the order button below right now, you'll receive Teaching Children About Money 2.0, complete with all those juicy bonuses, for the unheard of price of just 1 payment of only $997.

    That's a savings to you of $2,691 slashed right off the retail price!

    And you can REST EASY with my 30-day guarantee...