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Gift 1: "How Money Savvy Is My Child" Quiz

(A $17 Value)
Take this "How Money Savvy Is My Child?" quiz first before going through your other 6 free gifts so you can find out how high your child or teen's Financial IQ is right now and where to begin their lessons.


Then take this quiz again after going through your other 6 free gifts to see how much their Financial IQ has improved! :o)

Gift 2: "Goal Setting For Families"​ Workbook

(A $39 Value)

Next go through your "Goal Setting for Families" Workbook so you can teach your child or teen how to set their goals, in such a way that its bound to come true, which will open their mind to learning the money lessons to help them achieve their goals!


This will also help you build a special bond with your child or teen that very few parents ever get to create with their child!

Gift 3: "Allowance Secrets: To Give Or Not To Give?"​ Parent Guide (A $39 Value)

After your child or teen has set their goal it's time for them to learn how to manage their money but where are they going to get their money? Will you be giving them an allowance or will they have to earn their own money, or both?


In "Allowance Secrets: To Give Or Not To Give?" you will finally find out what will work best for your family. Written by the top 25 'Kids and Money' Experts from around the world!

Gift 4: "50 Money Making Ideas For Kids & Teens"​ eBook (A $29 Value)

Now that you've decided whether to give your child or teen an allowance or not it's time to use the "50 Money Making Ideas for Kids & Teens"  eBook to help your child come up with some fun ways they can make their own money.


Earning their own money will give your child a great feeling of personal achievement and will make attaining their goal that much more rewarding for them!

Gift 5: "The 6 Magical Piggy Banks"​ Cartoon

(A $25 Value)

Now that your child is earning their own money, it's time to teach them how to make their money work hard for them using "The 6 Magical Piggy Banks" Cartoon, so they won't always have to work hard for their money!


In this fun cartoon, your child or teen will enjoy following along with our heros, Xanthe and Quinn, as they meet the Clever Dough Guy who teaches them the magic behind these 6 incredible piggy banks.

Gift 6: "6 Magical Piggy Banks System"​ Lesson

(A $45 Value)

This "6 Magical Piggy Banks System" video lesson is for you, the parent, grandparent, guardian or teacher, to help you understand the wealth principles behind the magical 6 piggy bank money management system.


You'll learn how to teach your child or teen the magic of these 6 piggy banks and help your child  form life-long positive financial habits that will help them be financially secure for life!

Gift 7: "Mindmovies"​ For Kids & Teens

(A $79 Value)

Continue to build your child or teen's self-confidence and happiness with these two "Mindmovies" videos that will empower your child or teen with a healthy, wealthy, charitable mindset!


These entertaining short videos are created specifically for your child to watch once each day to keep them focused on achieving their dreams and living a happy, successful life!

Dear Parent,


You are here today because you know you want to increase your child's financial IQ and make sure that your child leaves your nest fully prepared to live the life of their dreams, without ever having to stress about money...or worse...come crawling back home to you to take care of them financially for the rest of their lives!


I want to reward you for taking action today, most parents sadly never do, when it comes to teaching children about money, but you are different!


You have proven to me, just by taking the time to come and visit me today and actually read these words, that you are indeed serious about making positive change for your child. Because of that, I would like to give you some wonderful gifts to help you empower your child. Tools that have helped me raise my own money smart kids! Why reinvent the wheel, when you can just take it and roll with what already works right?


But you will have to take action today! I am in the process of completely revamping my whole entire program and this offer won't be around for very much longer!


You may be here because you heard me speak on Radio Disney, or read about me in the Costco Connections Magazine, or have listened to one of the numerous Parenting Shows around the world that I've been interviewed on, but if not, let me introduce myself.


My name is Amanda van der Gulik and my passion is for empowering our children and teens with money smarts, raising their financial IQ's by helping parents find fun and effective ways for teaching financial education for kids and teens. In short I help you learn how to ensure your child grows up with a strong and Healthy Wealth Mentality!

I home-schooled my own two children, Xanthe and Quinn, for over 12 years. As a mom-preneur with a passion for both empowering kids with real life skills and my personal experience with being a successful entrepreneur, I wanted to combine my two passions and teach our children about money in a fun way that they would actually enjoy and remember for life!


I don't know about you, but I HATE being told what to do! And I bet anything that you and your child or teen feels the same way.


So I wanted to find a better way to teach our children, so they would really listen and apply the money lessons they learned. So your child would feel like they were teaching themselves rather than being told what to do! And get the opportunity to feel that wonderful sensation that come with pride of ownership, when your child gets to buy their goals with money they've earned all on their own.


As a best-selling author and coach, I've run multiple businesses in real estate investing, cake decorating, tutoring, to my most recent YouTube success, I've always had a very deep desire to help parents find fun and effective ways to teach their children about money. I have worked with children and teens for as long as I can remember. I have over 30 years experience, both in and out of the classroom, with empowering children and teens in all subject areas, including of course in financial education for kids!


From a very young age, I knew I had a special "knack" for getting kids and teens to actually listen and be fully engaged in the lessons I taught. I also knew that my heart was in being an entrepreneur and helping to raise more entrepreneurs as well as empower our youth with important life skills. A an entrepreneur, you get the freedom of doing something you absolutely love to do and actually create income from doing it! You literally wake up every day, looking forward to working, not dreading going back to work Monday morning, but actually jumping out of bed Monday morning fresh with new ideas and plans to take on the world! That's the kind of passion and reward that I want to pass on to you and your children.


My goal is to elevate our kids with financial savvy so that they can live the life of their dreams, following their own passions and natural talents instead of just grudgingly going to a job they hate, every single day of their lives, to merely pay their bills!


I don't know about you but I definitely have had many months where there was more month left than money! Wouldn't it be nice to have it the other way around? Where there is more money left at the end of each month?


That's what I teach! (...and I have to admit that I get a TON of emails for parents about how much THEY learned while teaching their kids about money!)


...And that's why I wanted to give you these incredible gifts!


I've put together 7 of my most impactful tools to help you with teaching your child or teen about money in a fun and effective way. Your child will grow up with the kind of money smarts that will make certain your child will have a strong and happy financial future.


See what others are saying...


"Amanda, Thanks so very much for such an excellent gift and thank you for being such a great person of inspiration in my life. You are the best. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for all the things I've learned from you so far. I'm chugging through your materials and have become inspired into action! Nigel is now very close to achieving his first goal of getting a toy on his vision board by doing chores to earn money daily! With gratitude and much love, there is always a solution out there waiting for you to find it! :) YOU are awesome!" Kris Miller - Mother

"Hi Amanda, Wow, you could be known as "Kiyosaki for Kids"! ;) I had a look inside your 7 tools and what I saw is awesome! Very comprehensive, I could see how it would be highly motivating and educational for parents and kids alike. You come across very well on camera and it had me wishing I had you as my teacher when I was a kid. Thank you for teaching our future generations about money! It can truly make the world a better place!"

Zack Randel - Certified Master Transformational Coach

"Hi Amanda, you put together a ton of great resources for kids. Amanda gets to the truth of what all kids need to know to live a happy, successful and balanced life. These tools are what all parents and teachers must use and share with kids to truly empower them inside and outside of the classroom."

Julie Kleinhans - Youth Empowerment and Education Expert

"Hi Amanda, Thank you so much. I appreciate what you have done for me. I am a grandparent. I have four grandsons the oldest five years old and the youngest just one week old. I want my grandchildren to grow up with a healthy attitude to money. I wish I had had access to your resources when I was a young parent. Thank you so much." Maria Penny - Grandmother


These gifts are all my personal gift to you. There is no charge for these gifts. They are yours to use and enjoy. All of these gifts will be available to you to simply download or watch directly from the members area, so as soon as you join our members-only area you will have immediate access to all of your gifts. No need to wait for anything to come in the mail. All gifts are instantly available to you as soon as you submit your request.


"There's a catch right?"


Nope! You really can have them all for free on me!


"But why would you give them away for free?"


Because I want to make a true positive difference in our world and I hope that when you see the valuable tools you're getting today, then when you're ready to really dig in and teach your child how to be a true Master of their Money then you will consider me as your personal teacher.


So what are you waiting for? Click the orange button below to enjoy your 7 free gifts now before I take them away!

Here's to you and your child's success!

Cheers...Amanda van der Gulik...Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)


P.S. It's really true! You get all 7 tools for FREE to help you with teaching your children about money! By helping you, I am confident that your child will become a master of their money...and stay out of your wallet! I'm not sure how long I can continue to give these amazing tools away for free, so make your grab yours now. Enjoy your 7 FREE Gifts while you can!


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